About Us

We are business partners with a strong rooted family connection. While our goals, visions and dreams are the same, we come from opposite backgrounds and experiences.
Microdosing has helped us both in very different ways, from anxiety relief,  boosting mood, recovering from addictions, increased self love, connection to nature and our loved ones, increased creativity, physical endurance, neurogenesis & productivity.
We truly stand behind our product and are passionate about the ingredients that go into it.  We are always here to help. If you are looking for a deeper journey with a guide, a counsellor who supports psilocybin therapy, sobriety coaches, intuitive healers & soul guides or just more info, we have recommendations and are always here for you. Please contact if you have any questions or need help.
I EE MA ( I am free, I am love)
Sending love & gratitude,
Pacific Sun Fungi